The Walking Dead

Taking a time out from travel and deals for second.  I want to talk about The tv show on AMC, The Walking Dead.  I have seen every episodes.  The first season was a bit slow and felt like it was too much whining and dramatic.  Second season started getting down to some action and tension.  Yesterday was their new episode and I felt kinda… let’s say sad… why did they kill off Dale??? Was he too much of a “goodie goodie” that was boring the viewers?

What’s up with Carl? That boy needs some good ole spanking! haha… But I wanted to ask what the readers thought of the episode.  What would you have done with that guy they caught and kept as a prisoner in the barn?  Would you have killed him? Keep him in the barn? Let him go? Have him join the group? Any other suggestions?


7 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  1. They killed Dale off because of the change in “management” on the show, is my theory. The actor playing Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) is a long time friend of former executive producer Frank Darabont. My guess is that he asked to be killed off.

    Tough call on Randall. I suspect that if they let him go, he’ll lead his peeps right back to the farm. I hate to agree with Shane, but he’s probably right.

  2. I would’ve never saved Randall in the first place. I know Rick tries to be the moral center of the group but the situation was wrong from the start. Randall would’ve died but now they have a whole plethora of issues to deal with.

    Look at how Randall tried to get Carl on his side. That was the point of no return for him and I immediately turned on Randall from that point.

  3. I’m a fan of keeping morals in tact. I’d say keep him locked up.

    Sadly, this group has gone down the tube, especially with Dale’s passing. Hopefully his passing will change some attitudes.

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