Stomp! Off-Broadway show

On Feb 29th, I posted about a special deal going on with Stomp off-broadway show.  Normally their orchestra seats go for mid $70 but since it’s leap year, they were selling almost any orchestra seats for only $29.  I scored two seats only few rows back and almost at the center of the stage.  Total came out to about $70 for two tickets!

Today I had a chance to check out Stomp.  I figured, ok…. it’s basically guys and girls making some sort of cool beats while they tapped danced around on the stage hitting normal items you would find, especially in New York City.  Maybe it’s because my expectation was not high but WOW.  It was much more than just beats and hopping around the stage.  I don’t want to get too detailed and spoil it for the ones that haven’t seen it yet.  But it’s cool, fun, exciting, very comical, and some what interactive.  I’ll just end it with this note.  The lighter part was just very very cool.  If you guys haven’t seen it yet… please go see it.


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