AMEX promo, free giftcards @ McDonald, Bestbuy, discounted Whole Foods!

I absolutely love it when American Express runs these promos.  Last year, I was able to buy so many things from food, wines, groceries, etc for FREE!  The thing that makes it even better is the fact I churn credit cards so much that I end up with several AMEX cards to take advantage of these promos!

So what’s the current promo?

Log into your twitter account (if you don’t have one, just make a new one).  Tweet #AmexBestBuy10 for $10 statement credit when you spend $10 or more at Bestbuy.  #AmexWholefoods to receive $20 back when you spend $75 or more at Whole Foods.  #AmexAustin10 to receive $10 when you spend $50 or more at Whole Foods (must purchase from Austin, TX.  See below how to take advantage of this).  #AmexMcDonalds to receive $5 when you spend $5 or more at McDonald’s.

Also, if you like AMEX’s Link, Like and Love and add Whole Foods, you get $10 with any first purchase at Whole Foods.

All of these are sync’d with only 1 AMEX credit card PER facebook/twitter account and it’s only for the 1st purchase.

So now I will explain how to get the free McDonald’s and Bestbuy giftcard.  It’s pretty obvious right? Just go to their store and spend the minimum requirement.  $5 for McD and $10 for Bestbuy.  Just get giftcards if you want.  I’m going to buy $5 giftcard at McD and $10 itunes giftcard at Bestbuy.  I might even see if I can get a $40 amazon giftcard at Bestbuy and have the cashier split the bill to 4 different AMEX cards that I sync’d with 4 different facebook/twitter accounts.

Next up, Whole Foods.  Go to a Whole Foods store, buy a $75 giftcard.  That will trigger your statement credit of $30.  Come home, go to Whole Food’s website and change the local store to AUSTIN, TX.  Go to the giftcard section on their website and “RELOAD” your giftcard and add $5 to it.  This will trigger your last $10 statement credit.  That’s it!  Now you spent only $40 for a $80 Whole Foods giftcard!

I’m doing this with 4 of my AMEX credit cards.  At the end I should have $20 worth of McD giftcards and $40 worth of any giftcards at Bestbuy all for FREE!  And for Whole Foods, I will have spent $160 for $320 worth of giftcards!

Please comment or email me if you need help or just love this promo! 🙂



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