Amazon Local $10 giftcard for $5

Today, Amazon local is having an amazing deal where you pay $5 and get a $10 giftcard that you can use either at or Amazon Local (a deal site like Groupon).  To purchase go

Now the trick is, use a gmail account and create multiple accounts and for each account use different credit card numbers to purchase more than 1 giftcard.  To use the same gmail account but register it at Amazon as different new accounts, just add a “.” (period) in between letters.  For example, if your gmail address is, by doing “”, then another new account “”, you will be able to open multtiple accounts under 1 email address.  The terms are that you are allowed to purchase only 1 giftcard but by going through this method, you “should” be able to obtain more than 1.  I just purchased 10 using 10 different accounts and credit cards.

Good luck!


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