Hotels offer guests classes for pottery, mixing drinks

I read today on USA Today newspaper that sone hotels are now offering all sorts of classes and services for guests ranging from pottery classes, mixology, cooking, chess, and even teaching kids how to behave.

The goal in mind is to cater to certain travelers needs. This seems to be a growing trend. I have seen other hotels include workout machines in guests rooms as well.

The James Hotel in New York and Chicago, each has rooms with all the supplies needed to make your own drinks and even includes recipes. Also, guests can arrange for a private mixology lesson from a bartender.

At the Swissotel Chicago, guests will be able to take self-defense classes. Chess classes are also available.

The Kensington Hotel, has started a one-hour dining etiquette classes for ages 5 to 10.

The Omphoy Ocean Resort in Palm Beach, FL, has surfing classes.

I think these are great moves being made by hotels. Not only does it feel classy but it offers interesting options when you choose your hotel.
Also, sometimes when I travel it creates easy things-to-do lists.


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