South Beach Miami Trip Report – Part 1

Part 1: Booking the car rental –

I decided to go to South Beach Miami this past April and decided to rent a car.  I wanted to rent a car cheaply as possible but I didn’t care to research the cheapest options.  It takes too much time and effort.  So I decided to check out  What’s cool about is that you can book a car through them or enter in your car rental information that you booked elsewhere and they will keep searching for cheaper prices for you automatically every day.  Once they find a price that’s cheaper either with the same car company you initially rented with or with another car rental company, they will email you and let you know that they automatically cancelled the previous reservation and re-booked with the cheaper rate!  If they find a cheaper rate with a different rental company, they will email you and ask if you want to switch to the cheaper rental or not.

My trip was for April 26-28.  I wanted to pick up my car at FLL (Fort Lauderdale airport) on April 26th @ 12pm and drop it off on April 28th @ 12pm.  That’s a 2 day rental.  I also don’t care about renting a cool or bigger car.  I wanted the cheapest car and that would probably save me on gas as well.

I booked with on March 6th for $44.41 all-in for 2 days.  On March 25th I received an email from Autoslash that they found me a cheaper rate.  I was thinking “WOW! Cheaper than $44.41???”.  Only thing was that I had to switch my rental company from Payless to Sixt.  I didn’t mind at all.  Sixt is also a huge company in Europe.  Not so big in the States though.  This switch brought the final price down to $31.93.  Not bad!  That’s only $16 a day and I didn’t have to waste my time sitting in front of a computer looking for cheap prices or try to win a bid with priceline for cheap rental.

With my reservation in hand, when I arrive at FLL, I walked up to the Sixt repersentative’s desk and she even gave me an upgrade!  I got a brand new 2013 Toyota Camry fully loaded.  It’s a great car! I remember driving a Camry back in early 2000’s and the car now is sooooo different.  It’s was an amazing car but it’s even better now.  Anyways, made car renting a breeze and so simple.  The great thing about them is that their service is totally free (at least from what I see) and all the booking can be canceled at anytime and no credit card is needed when you book with them!  It’s a totally win win situation!  Try them next time you need a car rental.

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