Do you seat belt during flight?

How many of you leave your seatbelts on during flight? How about even when the seatbelt light is turned off? I used to have my belts off almost all the time and if I can get away with it during take off and landing, I will leave it off as well. Recently, I started leaving them on ALL the time. It’s apparent that when sudden turbulence hits, no matter how strong we are or even if the seat belts are on, we will be tossed around like rag dolls.

There has been more and more reports about strong and sudden turbulence during flight. Here’s one I just heard on the news about an American Airlines flight from Aruba to Miami. People got thrown around and 5 people were treated with minor injuries. Some women and men were brought to tears at the airport.

Here’s the link to the news report.

Keep your seat belts on AT ALL TIME PEOPLE!! FLY SAFE!

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