W Montreal Review

W Hotels are nice. The End.

Ok ok, all kidding aside. W Hotel in Montreal, professional staff, nice clean modern rooms, party scene in the lobby during weekends, Acura-Experience, and little rubber ducky.

The room is a Fantastic Suite. Going rate for July was around $300 USD/night. Before I forget to mention, this hotel does not have a club lounge, swimming pool, and the gym is small. The hotel lobby/bar is filled with a lot of locals especially during weekends. This is where some of the locals come to party it up. I don’t think it will get in the way of anyone’s relaxing travels and it might be a good thing to just mingle with the locals!

I believe the room was around 500 sq ft., very clean and modern. The suite isn’t really separated by a wall dividing the bedroom and the bathroom. It’s pretty much merged together as you can see from the picture below.

The bathroom has two sinks, which I think is great if you have someone staying with you.  It’s really hard trying to share one sink and a small mirror! ha!  The bed is very comfortable as they usually are.  I had no problems with it.  The bathtub is behind a white short wall that is in the middle, between the bathroom and bed.  I don’t know if I like it or not.  It’s just.. there.  The shower is spacious and is all see-thru glass.  Interesting…  I don’t know why.  But out of everything in the room, I liked the rubber ducky the most! 🙂

There’s also the Acura-Experience! Basically how the program works is that you make a reservation for the CURRENT day to go anywhere you want (with limited distance) and they will take you there for free in their Acura!  But they do not pick you up, so it’s a  free one way taxi ride!

Overall, I like this hotel more than the Sheraton Le Centre Montreal. Don’t get me wrong though, the Sheraton Le Centre is nice too! If you want a club lounge, swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and a nice gym, go to Sheraton Le Centre. If you want a more modern hotel very close to the Old Montreal area, go to W Montreal Hotel.

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