Seat squatters

Have you ever boarded your flight and find someone in your seat? Lately it seems that more and more people find their seats already taken by the time they get on the plane.  Sometimes it by accident and sometimes it’s not.  I’ve heard crazy things from a lady getting angry that she didn’t want to move to her assigned seat so she pissed on the seat to avoid moving to people “accidentally” spilling their drink on the seat and say “oh sorry, I’ll just take that seat since I made the mess”.

I’m glad I haven’t encounters these weirdos so far.  I did, however, accidentally sit on someone else seat. lol  But once I realized I was in the wrong seat, I apologized and got up.  How would you approach these people if it happened to you? Will you ask them politely to move? Get a FA involved? Just go to another empty seat? I think if I was asked nicely BEFORE already sitting on my seat and the seat I would move to isn’t crappy and same class, I might consider it.  What would you do?


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One thought on “Seat squatters

  1. It makes you wonder what these seat thieves do with the rest of their day? Are they the one’s trying to cut you off when one lane of traffic is clearly marked “closed” but they decide they don’t want to wait, and try to drive to the front of the merging lanes? Or perhaps they are the people fighting in the store to get the last of this year’s popular piece of junk? Maybe they are also the ones who let their kids run all over the restaurant, scream in the movies, or have tantrums in the grocery store? But I’ll bet they are the people we think are “normal,” because we’ve never had to argue with them about being in the wrong seat.

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