My experience with UBER

Uber is a company that allows you to hail car service straight from your smartphone. You download their app, create an account, and using your phone’s built-in GPS the car service will come to where you are.

This week I was in NYC in the evening and had a chance to finally try their service out. I took the Long Island Railroad out to Penn Station. Once I got there I couldn’t find any TAXI (cheapest option out of few other car types they have available). So I walked to my destination. Later that night when I had to go back to Penn Station, I tried the app again. This time I was able to see 2 TAXIS. I clicked on the set location and request pickup. Even though I saw that there were 2 TAXIS available, it kept returning that no TAXI was available! I tried about 10 times and received the same result each and every time.

My initial experience is not too great. I am hoping someone from UBER will contact me and we can discuss what might have happened and what they can do to make things better and help their company grow. Hopefully, I will have a part two of this edition soon.


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