Free SiriusXm internet radio for 1 year!

How do you listen to the radio, talk shows, or music while you travel? I usually use my iPhone or a dedicated mp3 player walking around, gym, during flights or in the car.  The downside is I have very limited music on my devices.  Currently, SiriusXm is giving away free 1 year of their service.  Act quickly because I have no idea when this will be pulled.  You don’t  even need a credit card to get this.

How to get the service:
1. Click here. You should see that it’s free for 365 days. If not, click here and replace the promo code comebackq32012 with CHEVY1YR
2. Fill out the information.
3. a) Go to to listen on your computer
b) Go download their app on your Andriod, Iphone, or Blackberry.

That’s it! Hope it works for you.


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