My delayed and cancelled flight RDU-LGA!

I was scheduled to fly home from RDU tonight at 5:55pm.  Due to weather, it got delayed then cancelled.  I got on the phone with American Airlines, waited at their Ticket Desk and got on Twitter at  the same time.  American Airline’s twitter crew (@AmericanAir) was able to get  me rebooked to a later flight much faster than AA customer service and ticket desk.  I was quite impressed by their speed in helping me.  Then the annoying thing happened.  My new flight got delayed twice and then  finally cancelled.  Again @AmericanAir was able to rebook me fast.  I figured these cancellations were due to the incoming weather in NY.

Then I read online a Sourthwest plane was landing in LGA and it crashed as the front wheels broke off just as they were landing.  OUCH!

What’s going on these days with all the accidents in the air? I hope everyone is ok.


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