Damaged luggage bag

What to do in case of damaged luggage?

I recently came back from a great 3 weeks vacation to Budapest, Bangkok. Phuket, and Hong Kong. When I got my luggage when returning home, the leg stand was completely broken of.

I knew that I needed to go to an United baggage claims office (I flew United). I asked an United help desk where the office was and was told they don’t do claims anymore and it’s all done online now. I thought she was wrong but I took her word. That was my mistake. I went home, called the number and they made a claim but told me I need to go to their baggage claims office at the airport! This is what I get for trusting untrained employees. So as you might have guessed, I went back and they gave me a cheap replacement luggage that was new. I was fine with that. So don’t do what I did,
#1. Think what the agents tell you are correct.
#2. Look for a baggage claim office before you go home.

An extra tip, some credit cards like American Express Platinum gives you help if your luggage is lost.

“In the event that your checked baggage is lost by a commercial carrier, Platinum Assistance will make every effort to track down your missing luggage and keep you posted on their progress. Should Platinum Assistance not be able to recover your luggage, you will be reimbursed up to a maximum of USD $1,200 per trip.”

Happy holidays!!


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