Limited time free Cyberlink PhotoDirector 4

When I go on my trips, I make sure I take many photos as possible. That way I have memories of the places I’ve gone to and things I did or saw. End of each day, when I’m back in my hotel, I make sure I transfer out my photos to my laptop just in case my camera gets lost or damaged and I lose all my pictures.

When I do get the time to edit my photos, it’s such a pain because I don’t like to pay for photo editing software and the one that comes with my Windows machine is so bad.

Currently, Cyberlink is giving their PhotoDirector 4 software for free. I’m pretty sure this is limited time so I would go ahead and install it. I have already installed it on both of my laptops, just in case.

Click here if you are having Windows and Click here if you are using a Mac

Once, you have installed the PhotoDirector 4, run the program and enter the License key below.
License key for Windows: HEJR4-CHQYP-ESJCK-4KC96-GGEX7-P42RR
License key for Mac: ULRWH-7XKUT-3M7Q2-8SSQ6-PCVZM-XJTWB


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