Introduction: Budapest, Thailand, & Hong Kong trip report


At the end of last year, my friends and I took a nice trip to Budapest, Thailand, and Hong Kong. We wanted to visit an European country that’s not the norm but interesting and also get a chance to visit Asia’s beach and city life.

The challenging part of this trip for me was actually the packing. This was the first time where I had to pack so many footwear and clothes! Since my trip will take me to cold freezing Hungarian weather, I needed something warm and needed at least one thick jacket. In Thailand, I needed swimsuits, flip flops, sneakers and summer clothes. In Hong Kong, I needed something in between of Thai and Hungarian weather. I felt like I was packing all my clothes on this trip. I also ended up packing 4 footwear! Hiking boots for caving, sneakers, flip flop, and casual footwear. This alone took almost one suitcase. My carry-on wasn’t easy either. I had my laptop, 2 cameras and camera equipments, and one change of clothes just in case my check-in gets delayed or lost.

I will break down the trip report in separate parts and report in upcoming days.

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Flying Washington Dulles – Frankfurt on United First Class
Part 3: Underground caving in Budapest and Gun shooting
Part 4: Buda Castle & Szechenyi Thermal Spa
Part 5: Flying Munich – Bangkok on Thai Airways First Class
Part 6: Flying Bangkok – Phuket on Thair Airways Business Class
Part 7: Na Kran Beach, Elephant Trekking, Banthai Phuket Resort,
Part 8: Hong Kong
Part 9: Flying Hong Kong – Bangkok in Cathay Pacific Business
Part 10: My days in Bangkok
Part 11: Phuket Airport & Lounge
Part 12: Flying Phuket – Bangkok on Thai Airways First Class
Part 13: Thai First Class Lounge & Spa in Bangkok
Part 14: Flying Bangkok – Munich on Thair Airways First
Part 15: Flying Munich – Washington Dulles on Lufthansa First


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