Save money at

I recently started taking a look at It’s a hotel booking site and from some tests I ran, I can save anywhere from 10%-40%!

Just by signing up with my referral link you automatically get extra $35 off your next booking. You have to go to and create an account in order to do any searches. The process of creating one only takes 1-2 minutes maximum.

Below is an example of saving I found that might be of interest.

Let’s look at Key West, Florida on June 6 (Fri) – 7 (Sat), 2014. Almost everybody loves nice summer weather. On, Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel is going for $223 USD.

And at, the same hotel on the same date is going for $246 USD! That’s almost 10% saving.

Now, if you used my link, you would automatically receive $35 off your next reservation. So that would bring the cost of Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel from $223 USD to $188 USD! That’s a whooping 24% off!

Try it out and leave me comments on what you guys find and also tell me if you find their website useful. Thanks!


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