Free UberX rides in New Jersey Feb 7-9, 2014


Disclaimer: By using my referral link when creating your account, you will receive $20 off your first ride

Uber is a revolutionary company that connects you and a taxi driver together by enabling you to call for taxi using your Iphone or Android phones. They are currently operational in 70 countries. To get started, you create an account with Uber and whenever you need a taxi, you load the Uber app on your phone and set the pickup location. You will receive a confirmation on your request and through the app, you can track where the driver is in real-time and approximately how long it will take him/her to arrive. But not only that, you will also get information on what car he/she is driving, the license plate, and picture of the driver.
Once you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is leave, no exchange of money. The Uber app will calculate the cost and charge it to your credit card that’s on file with them!

Uber has a promotion going right now where if you take an UberX (There are different types of cars you can request in the app) in New Jersey (take up to two rides) between Noon on Friday (2/7) through 11:59PM on Sunday (2/9), it’s free. Use the promotional code NJLOVESuberX. Rides beginning OR ending in New Jersey, up to $20.

I’m not sure how far you can go for $20 in New Jersey so when it says up to two rides, I think it’s more like one.  If you did signup using my referral link, I guess you can take up to two rides.


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