Part 4: Budapest, Thailand, & Hong Kong trip report

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Flying Washington Dulles – Frankfurt on United First Class
Part 3: Underground caving in Budapest and Gun shooting
Part 4: Buda Castle & Szechenyi Thermal Spa
Part 5: Flying Munich – Bangkok on Thai Airways First Class
Part 6: Flying Bangkok – Phuket on Thair Airways Business Class
Part 7: Na Kran Beach, Elephant Trekking, Banthai Phuket Resort,
Part 8: Hong Kong
Part 9: Flying Hong Kong – Bangkok in Cathay Pacific Business
Part 10: My days in Bangkok
Part 11: Phuket Airport & Lounge
Part 12: Flying Phuket – Bangkok on Thai Airways First Class
Part 13: Thai First Class Lounge & Spa in Bangkok
Part 14: Flying Bangkok – Munich on Thair Airways First
Part 15: Flying Munich – Washington Dulles on Lufthansa First

Part 4: Buda Castle & Szechenyi Thermal Spa

Buda Castle
It was a foggy and a rainy day, we started our day off with a nice pizza for breakfast! ha! We couldn’t find anything open so pizza it had to be. I don’t know if it’s just us but in all my travels I had the hardest time finding anything clearly marked in Budapest. We had to walk back and forth few times to find the bus stop that would take us to the Castle Hill. Once we did find the bus stop, it was a nice simple ride. I wish I took a picture of the bus because I thought the bus and the seats were very tiny compared to the ones in New York.

Once we arrived, we could not find the Buda Castle and it wasn’t just us. Everyone on the bus also had a hard time finding it as well. Once again, nothing was clearly marked. I have to say, the Buda Castle is interesting. Interesting in that, I was expecting to see an actual castle. You know, with the towers and arches. Instead, I saw buildings. Now I see why in the past this was called the Royal Palace. I think this name suits it better. My friend and I walked around a bit and took some pictures but quickly decided we would rather spend our time at the Szechenyi Thermal Spa.

We headed back to the bus stop area and once again had a hard time finding the stop that would take us back to where we came from. It must just be us.

Szechenyi Thermal Spa
Szechenyi Thermal Spa is the largest medicinal bath in Europe. The water is supplied by two Thermal Springs and the temperatures are between 165 F and 171 F. The Szechenyi Thermal Spa has many indoor spa areas and it also has saunas and steam rooms. I actually got a little lost inside. Outdoor there was 1 sitting pool with streams of water shooting into the pool, 1 adventure pool which was similar to the sitting pool except there was a section in the middle that had a circular wall and once you enter it, you will be going around in circle because of water current that will push you around. There is also a swimming pool. If you don’t want to sit around in water all day, you can also go inside and grab something to eat or drink. The food choices were not that interesting but once you are there for several hours, you will get hungry and have no desire to leave the premise to seek out food elsewhere. Finally, there are body massages and facial spas.

The price for entrance to Szechenyi Thermal Spa is between $16-$21 USD per person at the time of this post. My friend and I tried the facial spa and that set us back about $40-50 for a hour. They recommend you make reservations for any spa treatments but we got lucky and they were able to squeeze was in. We had a great time at this place. It was very relaxing and totally worth the money. Hungary had a hard economic time and your money will go long ways here.

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