Things I always do while flying

Accidents during flying isn’t anything new. With the recent barrage of news regarding incidents, I want to share some things I always try to do when I’m flying.

1. Carry sanitizer wipes on board and wipe everything that you think you will touch with your hands. Common things I wipe are, armrests, tray tables, and remotes.

2. Always put your seatbelts on even if the seatbelt light is off. Even during clear skies, unexpected turbulance is very common. It has happened to myself and just within this week, United Airlines and Cathay Pacific had injuries.
If it’s a rough ride I make sure the belt is tight and I make sure my shirt is underneath the belt so I do not get cuts from the belt if things go bad. If the seatbelt light is off, I loosen the belt so one of my hands can fit through.

3. Always keep your shoes on during take off and until the plane is in cruising altitude. I also keep my shoes on during landing. If the plane has an emergency landing you do not want to be caught with no shoes on, making escaping the plane more difficult.

4. Never drink too much. This is for safety reasons. If the plane has an emergency and I’m inebriated, I’m putting myself, my family/friends, other flyers/crews in danger. Keep in mind that alcohol affects you faster in higher altitude as well.

5. Keep my mobile phone fully charged. If there is no charging port on my seat, I keep my phone off during the duration of the flight.

6. We hear this all the time we get on a plane but it’s always a good idea to know where your exists are and where your life jacket is located. Different aircrafts and different cabin classes hasve the life jackets and exists in different locations. And remember, never inflate your life jacket inside the plane!

If you have your own advice, please comment.


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