NYC-Dublin flight w/ 4 night hotel – $699/pp ai

Ever wanted to go to Dublin? Great price going on right now. Round-trip flight from NYC-Dublin with 4 nights at Maldron Hotel Cardiff Lane Dublin (4 star hotel) for $699/pp all-in. Sale ends Tues, July 3, 2012. Travel dates are Nov 1, 2012 to March 26, 2013.

Found more info here

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LAX to Lima, Peru $239 ai round-trip!!!

From the Travelzoo Newsdesk:

LOS ANGELES–JUNE 04, 2012– Nonstop flights to Lima, Peru,
from Los Angeles were just slashed to $239 roundtrip,
including taxes — the lowest price we’ve ever seen on this

This fare is widely available for travel Sept 1 – Nov. 29
and saves more than $500 off the regular cost of this route.

Note: The fare is unadvertised and could disappear at any

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I am baffled at some of the restrictions that TSA put on flyers.  The one that I really don’t understand is the liquid size requirement.  It states something like each liquid must be in a 3 oz. bottle each.  If someone wanted to create a bomb, can’t they just put it all in 3 oz. bottles then put them all together on the plane???? Also, did you know that if you completely freeze your liquid, you can go through security check even if it’s over the limit??

Being ill aboard

So I arrived at Barbados yesterday and really enjoyed the ocean at Accra Beach. At night I ate some flying fish and went to sleep. Around 4am I woke up with extreme stomachache. It was spreading all over my stomach and felt like someone had their hands inside my stomach moving my organs arounds. Around 8am, I decided to go to a local doctor. It’s 8:45pm now. Over 12 hours since the pain. I noticed how scarey it is to be sick aboard and not knowing how the quality of the medical people are or even their facilities. Also, how much $ would come out of my pocket.
Did anyone ever get really sick? What happened? What was the outcome?

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