TSA misconduct up 26%

The Transportation Security Administration was created to make sure we are safe in an airport, on our flights, and make sure whoever comes to our cities, states, or country doesn’t do anything to harm us or bring crime.

However, the TSA has had bad reputation for many years. They have been accused of taking bribes, not doing their job effective and stealing from luggage. A new Government Accountability Office report cites that there has been an increase of misconduct by TSA from 2010-2012 by 26%. The report finds employees are skipping important security protocols, are late to work or not showing up to work, making inappropriate comments, and sleeping on the job.

These kind of behaviors reminds me of TSA employees at JFK or LGA airports in New York City. It surprises me that nobody is watching over their work ethics and disciplining them. I have personally experienced them chatting in groups, not even watching the passangers, making sexual/racial comments, being rude and they never seem to be happy even being there. Why did they apply for this job? It’s a serious responsibility they have.

I hope TSA gets their act straight and fix what needs to be done.

Very cheap flights between NYC and Colombia!

I just stumbled onto very cheap flights between New York and Colombia. I went last year around this time and I paid over $800. Currently, some dates in September, I am seeing mid $300 for NYC to either Medellin or Cartegena. I really wish I can go again!
Look for flights on Avianca.

Free 10% off American Airlines ticket

American airlines is currently running a contest (click here for contest) where you can win a trip for four around the World.
What I am really interested in is that even if you don’t win by playing the “flight sim” game, you can get a 10% off American Airlines ticket!
Play their cheesy game and get the 10% off code.

Terms and conditions of the promotion code:

Book by August 31st
For travel from August 15th – November 15th
Blackout dates of August 31st and September 2nd (so will not work on Labor Day weekend basically)
Depart from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands to anywhere with American service (must be on American or American Eagle. No codeshares)
Up to 2 passengers per reservation.

My delayed and cancelled flight RDU-LGA!

I was scheduled to fly home from RDU tonight at 5:55pm.  Due to weather, it got delayed then cancelled.  I got on the phone with American Airlines, waited at their Ticket Desk and got on Twitter at  the same time.  American Airline’s twitter crew (@AmericanAir) was able to get  me rebooked to a later flight much faster than AA customer service and ticket desk.  I was quite impressed by their speed in helping me.  Then the annoying thing happened.  My new flight got delayed twice and then  finally cancelled.  Again @AmericanAir was able to rebook me fast.  I figured these cancellations were due to the incoming weather in NY.

Then I read online a Sourthwest plane was landing in LGA and it crashed as the front wheels broke off just as they were landing.  OUCH!

What’s going on these days with all the accidents in the air? I hope everyone is ok.