Free Flu Shots or Flu Prevention Kit from Uber in NYC (Manhattan) today

If you haven’t heard by now, UBER (use this link for free $30 or referral code ojkcn) is a Taxi company that you can call for a taxi from your mobile phone app using the built-in GPS. You can specify where you want the taxi to pick you up, you can see a picture of the driver and the car’s plate number, you can even see where the car is with live update, and you can call the driver as well from the app. It’s easy to use and it doesn’t hurt to try it out if you created your own account using the link above since you get free $30.

Anyways, I received an email from Uber that they will be giving our free Flu Shots or Flu Prevention kits in Manhattan (New York) for today only between 10am – 3pm EDT. All you have to do is load your app, log in to your account, go to the promo code section and enter the code HEALTH.

For every shot requested, Uber will donate $5 to the Red Cross to support vaccination efforts nationwide.

$252 to $285 from Boston/Baltimore to London/Copenhagen/Iceland!

WOW air is an european low-cost airline just like Spirit Airline.  You have to pay for any carry-on that is heavier than 5kg, check bags, and pre-selecting seats.

Currently and for very limited time, they have flights from March-June of next year for $252-285 from Boston.  Baltimore flights start from June 2015.  Act quick! This will not last.  See samples below.  And you can even do 2 countries for even cheaper or just go to Iceland even cheaper than my example below! scroll down to see how.



Looking at my example above, let’s say you want to go to Iceland.  In my example, it shows $284.90.  If you are able to fly with only a carry-on, purchase a ticket to London instead of Iceland.  BOS-London is $99 with a layover in Iceland while a direct flight from BOS-Iceland is $129.  Once you get to Iceland, just leave the airport and enjoy Iceland.  Make sure you buy a separate one-way ticket back to Boston.  With this method you can save $30.

Using the same method, you can go to Iceland, purchase inter-european flight/train to either London or Copenhagen and book another one-way back to your hometown!