Best KLM Lost & Found Service

I really love this service and would love to meet this dog! I wonder if I should “accidently” lose an item in hopes to see him looking for me but I guess this dog has real lost item owners to find.

KLM Lost & Found Service

Airfare: Under $700 NYC-India rt ai

Fare Availability: Oct 1 – Nov 30, 2014 but must purchase by tomorrow (Sept. 20)

Search:  JFK to Mumbai [BOM] – $669
JFK to New Delhi [DEL] – $681
JFK to Chennai [MAA] – $682
JFK to Jaipur [JAI] – $694

Search for Eithad airlines. Too bad this doesn’t work in reverse. Anyways, I’m sure there’s many people in NYC or nearby that would be interested in flying to India. Just remember, this has to be booked by tomorrow.

GETT goes $10 for all fares in NYC

Guys, try “GETT” (download it from APPSTORE or your Andriod store). It’s like UBER, where you can call for taxi from your phone app. Use my referral code (GTYONGL) and get $20 free instantly. Enter the code in the settings menu. I attached pictures to help you located it quick.
*Special for people using it in Manhattan (New York City), all fare will be one flat fee of $10 until the rest of the year.

photo 1photo 2

Redbox 10 days of deals 9/5 to 9/14

Sometimes in my hotel room I want to just relax and unwind with a movie.  But the cost of purchasing a movie through the hotel movie system is quite expensive sometimes.  So here’s a Redbox deal for you.
Redbox 10 Days of Deals (9/5 to 9/14) via text to 727272
Starting today text More to 727272 to reveal your promo code. Use online, via app or at the box.

1 code per day

I got only $0.50 off for today (final cost at redbox with promo should be around a dollar) but it beats spending $5 and up through the hotel.