Hertz $14.99/day weekend car rental

$14.99 a day is pretty good.  Just remember that this is not available in New York and Hawaii.  You must provide the RQ code: FRDM at the time of rental.  This offer is only available for rentals through Nov 15, 2012.

Book your car now!

$10 Fandango Movie ticket for $5

Currently, HalfOffDepot.com is running a deal for $5 and get $10 voucher credit at Fandango. I go to the movies quiet frequently so any amount of money I can save is closer to my next movie.

Follow these steps to get the deal:
1. Click here and make an account
2. Once your account has been made, click here and it should take you to their Nation Wide deal page.
3. You should see thee fandango deal here, go purchase. Finished.


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